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Important update: October 25th

October the 10th, the dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences sent a letter to all departments, informing them that the practice of assigning desks is no longer permitted. However it was later clarified that the students who have been assigned desks for this semester will be allowed to keep them throughout the rest of the year.

This means that the Student Council will not be allocating desks for the coming semesters, and they will be available for everybody to use. Students using a desk must tidy and clear it when leaving for the day. The desks on the 10th floor will still be reserved for (economics) master’s students however.

The rules below will be kept on this webpage in case this changes in the future.

The Rules Regarding the Usage of Desks on the 10th Floor has Changed. Important to read!

This information is given in English because it is directed towards both Norwegian and international students taking a degree in economics.

On 26.08.13 (August, 26th, 2013) students voted to change the rules regarding the usage of desks on the 10th floor. The rules which now apply are as follows:

1. Desks which are not used within precisely 10:00AM can be used be other students throughout the day.

2. If the student is a) first to access the desk and b) the owner of the desk is not on the desk within precisely 10:00AM, three days in a row, then the student will become the new owner of the desk if and only if rule 3 is satisfied.

3. Students which have two or fewer semesters left before done with their Master’s Degree have access to the reading desks on the 10th floor.

The «competition» for the desks starts 02.09.13 (September, 2nd, 2013). It is important to note that desks are available for takover 02.09 even though there are items on most of the desks already. The «competition» starts as if all the desks were clean. First student to occupy a desk and sit there until 10:00AM precisely becomes the owner of the desk throughout the day. If done three days in a row, that very student becomes the new owner of the desk. Any belongings to the previous owner must be removed by the previous owner or by the new owner of the desk.

The Student Council apologizes for any inconvenience this change of rules may cause.

Questions can be sent by e-mail to


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